Open source IoT hardware, software and services.

Out of the Blox provides open source designs for IoT devices and services. Adhering to the latest security standards but still easy to setup.


We believe that open source programmers, designers and creators develop together the most innovative and high-quality tools, which surpass proprietary ones on many levels. All our designs for out of the blox are open source. All the source code is distributed under a permissive attribution license and all the designs and documentation is distributed under the Creative Commons license.

Easy to setup

OutOfTheBlox provides easy to set up, secure internet of things frameworks and applications. Many frameworks are not written with security back in mind and often IoT devices communicate with each other and with servers over insecure channeks, which exposes risks with regard to privacy, control over IoT devices and exposure of user credentials. Often security is left out or build in as an aftertought since setting up security seems hard, we at OutOfTheBlox find that implementing secure devices should be as easy.


Our IoT devices are connectable with services running on machines in the cloud or locally on cheap, energy efficient ARM SoC devices like the OrangePi and the NanoPi. If you do not want the hassle of setting up and maintaining a server you can get an account on outoftheblox.com.